Landmarks at Night

<p>Ben Rubin, And That's The Way It Is, 2012. 6-Channel Video Projection Approximately 120 × 42 feet. Commission, Landmarks, The University of Texas at Austin, 2012. Photo by Paul Bardagjy.</p>
8 Stops
Duration: 01:00:00

Several works in Landmarks’ collection are illuminated dramatically for nighttime viewing. In fact, a few sculptures can only be experienced fully after sunset. Works that spark dynamic conversation in the light of day suddenly become quiet and contemplative under the twinkling night sky. On this self-guided tour, see select works in a whole new light and experience the revelations that nighttime bring.

Tour stops include:

  • Ben Rubin, And That’s The Way It Is
  • Mark di Suvero, Clock Knot
  • Simone Leigh, Sentinel IV
  • Nancy Rubins, Monochrome for Austin
  • Sarah Oppenheimer, C-010106
  • Sol LeWitt, Circle with Towers
  • Jennifer Steinkamp, EON
  • James Turrell, The Color Inside
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