Central Campus Collection

10 Stops
Duration: 00:40:00

On this 40-minute tour, you'll learn about several works of art sited within the central area of UT’s campus. Stops include the Dell Gates Computer Complex, Jackson Geological Sciences building, and the College of Natural Sciences, with a focus on works that explore the relationship between the arts and sciences.

Tour stops include:

  • Ursula von Rydingsvard, Untitled (Seven Mountains)

  • Jennifer Steinkamp, EON

  • Sol LeWitt, Circle with Towers

  • Casey Reas, A Mathematical Theory of Communication

  • Deborah Butterfield, Vermillion

  • Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #520

  • Monika Bravo, An Interval of Time

  • Beverly Pepper, Harmonious Triad

  • Juan Hamilton, Curve and Shadow, No. 2

  • James Turrell, The Color Inside

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