North Campus Collection

11 Stops

On this tour, you'll learn about several works of art sited throughout UT’s North Campus, with stops on Speedway, at the Walter Cronkite Plaza, and inside the Gordon White Building. Featured are some of the most iconic works in Landmarks’ collection, including those that wrestle with UT’s institutional history and the role of public art in addressing social justice.

Tour stops include:

  • Mark di Suvero, Clock Knot

  • Eamon Ore-Giron, Tras los ojos (Behind the Eyes)

  • Peter Reginato, Kingfish: An Homage to Tim Moore

  • Ben Rubin, And That's The Way It Is

  • Michael Ray Charles, (Forever Free) Ideas, Languages and Conversations

  • Hans Hokanson, Source

  • Robert Murray, Chilkat

  • Nancy Rubins, Drawing

  • Nancy Rubins, Monochrome for Austin

  • Simone Leigh, Sentinel IV

  • Sarah Oppenheimer, C-010106

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