Young People’s Sights Along Speedway

<p>Mark di Suvero, Clock Knot, 2007. Painted Steel. Photo by Ben Aqua.</p>
8 Stops
Duration: 00:40:00

On this 40-minute tour, you’ll visit eight outdoor works of art on Speedway, UT’s “main street.” College students and their teachers pass these works on their way between classes every day. Looking at public art sparks creativity and encourages students to problem solve. As you view these public works of art, try looking at them from all different sides and in as many ways as possible. We encourage you to have fun with this tour and let your imagination lead you.

Caregivers and adults: Have the young people in your group look at the work for 30 seconds to one minute. (Use a timer if you’d like and turn it into a game.) Then, ask them for their impressions of the work before you tell them anything about it. Once each young person has shared, read them the “Why?” section of each artwork entry and pose the questions within. If you and your young person want to learn more about a particular work, listen to the audio guide at the top of each page.

Young people: Spend time looking at each work quietly and carefully. What are you curious about? Come up with a story about the work of art and share it with your group. Learn more by reading about the work or listen to an adult read about it. Respond to the questions asked within each artwork summary before you move on to the next work.

Tour stops include:

  • Mark di Suvero, Clock Knot

  • Sarah Oppenheimer, C-010106

  • Simone Leigh, Sentinel IV

  • Nancy Rubins, Monochrome for Austin

  • Jennifer Steinkamp, EON

  • Sol LeWitt, Circle with Towers

  • Donald Lipski, The West

  • Joel Perlman, Square Tilt

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