Sights Along Speedway

<p>Mark di Suvero, Clock Knot, 2007. Painted Steel. Photo by Ben Aqua.</p>
8 Stops
Duration: 00:40:00

On this 40-minute tour, you’ll learn about several key works of art located along Speedway, UT’s main pedestrian thoroughfare. Included are modern and contemporary sculptures that span different decades and artistic movements, and feature a variety of materials and styles.

Tour stops include:

  • Mark di Suvero, Clock Knot

  • Sarah Oppenheimer, C-010106

  • Simone Leigh, Sentinel IV

  • Nancy Rubins, Monochrome for Austin

  • Jennifer Steinkamp, EON

  • Sol LeWitt, Circle with Towers

  • Donald Lipski, The West

  • Joel Perlman, Square Tilt

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