Monika Bravo, “An Interval of Time”

Monika Bravo, “An Interval of Time”

  • <p>Monika Bravo, An Interval of Time 2020. Photo by Paul Bardagiy.</p>
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Monika Bravo, An Interval of Time, 2020.

Colombian, born 1964

Monika Bravo is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Miami. Her still and moving images, sculptural installations, and interactive digital animations explore reality as perceived through our relationship to space and time. According to Bravo, her works “decipher the laws of the universe,” and are informed by spiritual teachings such as Taoism, Buddhism, the Vedaś, and evolutionary astrology. She creates environments that allude to recognizable landscapes but challenge traditional linear frameworks.

An Interval of Time chronicles the evolution of Bravo’s practice over the past decade and underscores her deepening interest in the interwovenness of metaphysical, spiritual, and scientific inquiry. A non-linear understanding of time guides the artist as she intertwines images, text, and, codes to create multi-layered animations. Drawing inspiration from the primary elements that make up our planet—earth, water, fire, and air—Bravo invites the viewer to consider how we reconcile our knowledge of the natural world within our own lives.

An Interval of Time includes geological data layered with visuals recorded in locations such as Iceland, New Mexico, Colorado, and the artist’s native Colombia. These scenes are juxtaposed with imagery that includes numbers, satellite imagery, weather graphs, and poetry. Bravo’s animation links empirical data and science to ancient indigenous weaving practices—emphasizing the universality of storytelling—be it through mathematics, painting, speech, or other means of communication.

Lodged between the space of knowing and not knowing, between nature and fabrication, Bravo’s work has a liminal quality. By decontextualizing data and removing it from its scientific purpose, she creates a new a symbolic language through which viewers are invited to reconsider their own relationship to time and the planet.

  • <p>Monika Bravo, An Interval of Time, 2020. Digital rendering.</p>
  • <p>Monika Bravo, An Interval of Time 2020. Photo by Paul Bardagiy.</p>

Location: Jackson Geological Sciences Building (JGB)

GPS: 30.286104, -97.735734